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League Team Registration

Welcome to the registration form for 2021 ​Connecticut Basketball's Fall 3x3 League!


One of the most thrilling aspects of Olympic Basketball has been the USA Women's Gold Medal performance--whch  reminded us all that three-on-three play is a great way to teach spacing and other basketball  fundamentals . . . so we're playing this fall!

The details and format are as follows:

  • The Fall 3 on 3 season tips off on September 14, 2021 and runs through October 14, 2021 for boys and girls grades 4th-8th.
  • Games are played primarily on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (and occationally on Saturday mornings)
  • Each weekly session is 75 minutes.
  • Each team plays two games per session (for a minimum of 8 games but each team will likely play more than 8 games).
  • The games are played on a half court (at Home Field in Centerbrook)
  • The clock is set for 25 mins (running).  The team that reaches 7 by ones or is leading at the end of the 25 mins is the winner.  After a 5 minute break, teams switch and play the opponent playing on the other half court.
  • Teams are recommended to be comprised of 4-5 players (to allow for substitutions and ensure that a team can still play if a teammate is absent)
  • There is no residency requirement.  Your teammates can be from any town or locality.  You will be placed in the division of your eldest teammate, i.e. a team comprised of two 6th graders and two 7th graders will be placed in the 7th grade division.
  • The cost per team is $175.

Onward Together!

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